You MUST be available for all workshops 

Junior Jazz Master Class & Performance 

Under 12 years - Workshops: Wednesday 10th July, 9am to 11am & Thursday 11th July 3pm to 5pm then rehearsals on stage and Performance at 6pm. 
Dress: Red and denim outfits with camel jazz shoes and own hair style.Cost $40.00

Junior Vocal Master Class & Performance with Mia Matthiessen

Under 12 yrs Workshop: Tuesday 9th July 5pm- 7pm & Wednesday 10th July 6pm- 7.30pm
On stage Rehearsal: Thursday 11th rehearsal at 5pm on stage.Performance 6pm 
Costume: Costume for performance own white outfit bare feet

Senior Musical Theatre Vocal Master Class  & Performance  with Mia Matthiessen

13 yrs + Rehearsals: Tuesday 9th July 3pm to 4.30pm , Wednesday 10th July 3pm to 4.30pm,
On stage Rehearsal: Friday 12th July 4pm. Performance 6pm 
Costume: Performance own style balck cocktail/dressy outfit.Black or Camel coloured heels $40

Senior  Lyrical & Contemporary Master Class with Lauren Seymour

13  yrs + Workshop Times: Rehearsals Wednesday 10th July from 3pm to 5pm , Thursday 11th from 3pm to 5pm. On stage Rehearsal: Friday 12th July 3.30pm
Costume: wear all white own costume, bare feet , hair in own style. $40

Senior Jazz Master Class and Performance with Chelsea Doring

13 + Rehearsal: Wednesday 10th July 12- 2pm. Thursday 11th July 12 - 2pm
On stage Rehearsal: Friday 12th on stage 3pm in costume
Costume: Own black leotard of any style, can incorporate lace, mesh etc, no stockings, no shoes , hair in own style.$40