DATE: Results and feedback on ETS website and FB from Sunday 5th July 2020.  



Payment for all entries only accepted online when booking via our website



1. Failure to adhere to Rules and Regulations for ‘Enter the Stage’ may involve disqualification and/or withholding of prizes/awards. 


2. NO competitor may enter the same item twice during the competition. 


3. NO performer may appear twice in any section unless event organisers of ‘Enter the Stage’ has combined age groups for (Troupes ONLY). 


4. The time of the Solo/Duo/Trio/Troupe will be taken from the start of the music or first movement of sound of the competitor/Troupe, whichever occurs first.


5. Music with (pre-recorded) tap sounds will not be permitted in any tap dance including Troupes. 


6. All entry fees are non-refundable. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before entering the competition.  


7. Competitors Name or Dance Studio MUST NOT be on any item of clothing during the performance. Or any reference to your dance studio in the background of the video.


8. By entering the online ETS competition you understand that winning and runner up items may be shown online to celebrate with our followers and the performing arts community. Special items may also be posted and will be decided by the adjudicating panel.*Please read understand the terms and conditions.


9. All entrants understand that they must have routine permission checked off by the owner of the piece or the studio directors before entering this competition.


10. ALL VOCAL SECTIONS All backing must be free of any pre-recorded backing vocals. All vocals must be live at the time of performance. Backing vocals will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.No reverb or vocal enhancement permitted.




1. Entrant’s age must be as of 1st January 2021. Proof of age may be required. Footage can be submitted from the past 12 months but cut off remains as is. 


2. In Duo’s, Trios, Quartet and Troupe entries, Entrants are placed in the category determined by the eldest entrant’s age within the group. 


3. If insufficient entries are received for any one section they will be merged with the age group above.


4. No competitor can enter into a higher age group in solo sections. 


5. All sections will endeavour to have the following age categories:


  • 6 Years and Under                  14 Years and Under 

  • 8 Years and Under                  16 Years and Under 

  • 10 Years and Under                16 years and Over 

  • 12 Years and Under                 25 + mature and motivated



  1. Time Limits of the Solo/Duo/Trio/Quartet will be taken from the start of the music or first movement or sound whichever occurs first.

  2. Please note to be in alignment with all competitions the time restrictions for all solo, duet, trios, quartets will be up to 3.5 minutes and troupes up to 5 minutes in duration. Production troupe 8 minutes.


1. All Competitors will be required to pay a $15.00 Registration fee.

a. All Solo $20.00 per Item 

b. All Duos/Trios $30.00 per Duo/Trio/Quartet 

c. All Troupes $20.00 per Troupe 



1. Enter the Stage will provide a judging panel of three professionals. Any competitor, relative of a competitor or teacher who makes contact with an adjudicator before, during or after the competition can result in the competitor being disqualified immediately. This is inclusive of online approaches.


2. The decision of the ‘Enter the Stage’ adjudicators is FINAL. No discussion to be entered into. 


3. Placing will be awarded on line in order of program starting on Fri 3rd of July at 6pm.


4. There will be no SEPARATE reports for any ‘Enter the Stage’ entries. A submission of critiques will be given at the end of each section for ALL Competitors as a section comment.




Enter The Stage is a privately run competition and will be operated as directors intended.