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GALA Night at ETS is the highlight of the dance calendar and not to be missed. This year is allocated into Junior GALA (all under 6/8/10/12 Dance and PA Championships) and Senior GALA (U/14, U/16 and open age dance and P.A. Championships).

Thursday 8th July:Junior at 5pm - Senior at 8pm 

This evening will highlight competition sections to be announced on program as well as the specialty workshop pieces that are choreographed for this special occasion.  Workshops will be advertised on the program and opened to all dancers that would like to learn from industry specialists. The adjudicators choice pieces will also be showcased!


Championship Competitors must have won 1st place award in an OPEN level section to be eligible to compete.  All competitors who make for “Champion Dancer” or “Champion P.A.” from each age category must perform the identical performance as performed in heats to qualify. Tickets available from  www.trybooking.com 


Workshops will be announced and spots will be available for purchase from the front desk from Sat 3rd of July. These workshops are to be performed at the Gala Night on Thursday the 8th of July. There will be junior and senior routines. The cost of the workshops will be $50.


* Names of the choreographers announced on our ETS FB page as soon as confirmed.



We look forward to receiving your entry at ETS and having a memorable time sharing the love of being on stage and doing what we all love.



‘Enter the Stage’ will be giving a cash prize for each Champion Performer. There are TWO Championship Categories.

1/Dance and Performing Arts.

  1.  DANCING categories as follows:

Highest scoring Dancer from each Open level age Group in Jazz, Tap, Acro, Classical, contemporary, lyrical, from Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Open Age in all dance genres.

     2.PERFORMING ARTS categories as follows

The highest scoring performer from each Open level Group in song and dance, musical theatre, contemporary vocals in Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Open. Open age group also includes cabaret section and monologue section.