Competition entry information


  1. All competitors in troupes age must be as at 1st January 2021. Proof of age may be required.


  1.  Entrants are placed in the category determined by the eldest entrant’s age within the group.


  1. If insufficient entries are received for any one section they will be merged with the age group above. At the discretion of the ETS Directors.


  1. Directors of ETS will endeavour to have the following age categories in all genres. Entry numbers allowing:


6 Years and Under                              14 Years and Under

8 Years and Under                              16 Years and Under

10 Years and Under                            16 years and Over

12 Years and Under                            25 + Mature and motivated


Entries can only be done via the “comps On Line” website with payment by Credit card

Dance Team


  1. Troupe championship passes can be purchased in bulk by the studio from Comps Online or purchased on the day at the registration desk for $15 for entry for both days of competition.(All competitors need one to enter the auditorium, dressing, rehearsal backstage areas)

  1. Cost for Entering;       

    1. All Troupes                              $25.00 per Troupe

    2. Competitors pass fee              $15.00 per competitor for Troupes championships


  1.  Programs will be emailed out to you in a draft form (so you can check your entry) to the email supplied on registration and then a confirmed copy as soon as they are ready for distribution by the entered studio.