troupe rules

and regulations

  • Winners may be asked to produce a copy of the participants birth certificates.

  • When submitting an entry form, all competitors are agreeing to all the Rules and Regulations.

  • Enter The Stage is open to both Amateur and Professional Dancers.

  • No entries will be processed until all forms are completed; including current legal or public liability insurance policy, Working with Children (Director and teaching staff).

  • The event organisers at 'Enter the Stage' may cancel or combine sections for which less than three entries are received.

  • Ages cut off is  1st of January 2021. For instance, if the dancer is 8 years or under for the whole of 2021 this is the category they will be entered into.

 The contact for inquiries or competition information is  9209 3067  or email 




We remind all involved in ‘Enter the Stage’ competition bad sportsmanship either in the auditorium, backstage or in the foyer, the venue will not be tolerated at any time.

Any competitor breaching this rule will be asked to leave the venue/building. Enter The Stage is a friendly competition which gives competitors the opportunity to perform in a positive and friendly atmosphere, showcasing their talent in the industry.


Enter The Stage is a privately run competition and will be operated as directors intended. The management and their committee hold the rights to refuse entry to any person/s or entrants whom they deem could jeopardize the purpose and environment of the competitions.


Unprofessional behaviour will not be tolerated in any way and may result in immediate disqualification and ban from the competitions.


  1. Failure to adhere to Rules and Regulations for ‘Enter the Stage’ may involve disqualification.

  2. NO competitor may perform the same item twice during the competition unless for a repeat performance in the Championships.

  3. Competitors who do not appear when the number is called may perform at end of the section, but may or may not receive adjudication, depending on circumstances.

  4. Competitors whose name/s are omitted from the programme for any reason will be required to appear at the end of the section.

  5. NO performer may appear twice in any section unless event organisers of ‘Enter the Stage’ has combined age groups.

  6. No substituting of any entry including Troupes/Groups.

  7. GALA NIGHT Championships opportunity.


Competitors competing must have won 1st place award in an OPEN level section to be eligible to compete. All competitors who make for “Champion Dancer” or “Champion P.A.” from each age category must perform the identical performance as performed in heats to qualify. Competitors that placed 1st in more than one genre may choose the solo they wish to perform. Event organisers must be instructed prior to Gala evening at 12 noon on the day before and the solo they will be performing. The runner up to the genre not chosen will be given the opportunity to compete in Championships.


  1. If a competitor stops during a performance they may repeat the performance at end of the section, however, they may or may not be eligible for placing. (discretion of adjudicators or ETS Directors)

  2. No prompting backstage allowed.

  3. Only Competitors in the current section and Teachers, with teacher’s passes, are allowed backstage at ALL TIMES. During troupes, schools must wait for their item in “OFF stage” areas. ( no one side stage)

  4. ALL competitors perform in ‘Enter the Stage’ at their own risk. ‘Enter the Stage’ or its  Directors, event staff and volunteer staff will not be responsible for the loss of, or damage of, to any competitors or audience property.

  5. Time limits will be enforced. Competitors who exceed time limits will receive a 5 point deduction from their score. The time of the Solo/Duo/Trio/Troupe will be taken from the start of the music or first movement of the sound of the competitor/Troupe, whichever occurs first until the competitor leaves the stage. (or the fall of the curtain for Troupes ONLY) See timing table on this website for allowances.

  6. Music with tap sounds will not be permitted in any tap dance including Troupes.

  7. All entry fees are non-refundable or transferable unless a section isn’t running due to lack of entries or the competition is cancelled for any reason.

  8. The recording of performances is not permitted in the theatre at any time. No private or unauthorised video, sound or camera equipment is to be brought or used in the theatre. Contravention of this condition will result in being asked to leave the building.

  9. Please be aware that our official photographer for these competitions reserves the right to photograph all performances as well as still shots. These are available to the competitor of the sections of solo, duets, trios, quartets or the Studio Director for troupes in the foyer.

  10. Silence must be maintained by the audience and competitors watching from side stage, at all times during a performance for all classical, lyrical, contemporary dance sections and all vocal and monologue sections. Anyone offending in this respect may be excluded from the competition or asked to leave the building.

  11. Mobile phones can be brought into the Auditorium / backstage areas on silent mode only.  NO pictures may be taken onstage, backstage, in change rooms or toilet areas.

  12. Teachers/Group Leaders are responsible for ensuring competitors dressing rooms are kept clear and tidy at all times, the noise level is kept to a minimum, and only those necessary in these areas or backstage. Please note no food, sticky drinks or tap shoes allowed in dressing areas.

  13. Only competitors and group leaders are allowed in the rehearsal competitor rooms. Please note no food, sticky drinks or tap shoes allowed in rehearsal areas.


  15. A/ Time Limits of all sections will be taken from the start of the music or first movement or sound of the competitor/Troupe, whichever occurs first, until the competitor leaves the stage or the fall of the curtain for Troupes ONLY

  16.     B/ The minimum performance time for any Solo, Duo/Trio routine is 2 minutes.



  1. Teachers and Studio Directors

Teachers and studio directors will receive teachers passes and will have free access to view any session for the duration of the competition. Teachers passes are distributed by the number of entries under their school entry.




  1. Enter the Stage will provide a judging panel of three professionals. Any competitor, relative of a competitor or teacher who approaches an adjudicator before, during or after the competition can result in the competitor being disqualified immediately.

  2. The decision of the ‘Enter the Stage’ adjudicators is FINAL. No discussion to be entered into.

  3. Placing will be awarded at the end of each session.

  4. There will be no reports for any ‘Enter the Stage’ entries. A commentary of notes will be given at the end of each section for ALL Competitors.



  1. Music for the competition will ONLY be accepted on Compact Disc.      ALL candidates are personally responsible to have a back-up copy.

  2. The competitor track is the ONLY track allowed on the disc.

  3. C.D’s must not have more than a two-second lead-in.

  4. Music must be handed to ‘Music Collection Desk’ 1 hour prior to the section time.

  5. Any vocal sections ….All backing tracks must be free of any pre-recorded backing vocals. All vocals must be live at the time of performance. Backing vocals will result in IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION.

  6. ‘Enter the Stage’ management will not take responsibility for loss of music or any malfunction of CD or amplification of sound.If the music stops during an item that is caused by equipment or staff member then the performer will be able to perform at end of a session and still be marked. Discretion of Directors.


  1. ALL music must be labelled clearly with the ;


  1. Competitor Name (eg Susan Leaf)

  2. Song Title (eg The Fight)

  3. Entrant Number (eg Competitor No. 1)

  4. Event Section (eg Under 12 Modern Troupe or U12 Commercial Jazz Solo Novice)

  5. Section No (eg Number of the section)

  6. Please write in texta and do not put stickers on C.Ds.



  1. MUSICAL THEATRE/MONOLOGUES: Headset microphones will be available for all solo sections of these competitors. These are not compulsory.

  2. CONTEMPORARY SINGING There will be handheld microphones available. These are not compulsory.

  3. SONG AND DANCE: No microphones are offered for these entrants due to dance sections. The condenser microphones will be on for these sections of the competitions.

  4. If you are doing any vigorous or acrobatic movement do NOT request a microphone. If the microphone is damaged as a result, the person will be required to cover the costs of equipment.

  5. No microphones used for duo/trio/quartet or troupes



  1. All Competitors should arrive 60 minutes prior to the beginning of the session in which they are competing. Morning first sessions arrival 30 minutes before start of the session.

  2. Competitors/Teachers or competitors Parent/ guardian must hand in music and report to the registration desk. 

  3. Individual/ independent entries Competitors and performing arts school Directors/Teacher pre-paid entry packs can be picked up from the front desk at Troupe Championships at NEWMAN COLLEGE on Saturday the 26th of June from 3 pm to 5 pm or at the front desk at the venue from the 3rd of July at P.A. Championships. This includes teachers passes,




  1. Competitors must not use Glitter, real foliage, water, real flames, fruit, candles, vegetables, straw, cellophane props on stage or costumes. This can leave the floor slippery, unclean and unsafe.

  2. Props can be set up backstage prior to the section and must be removed from backstage on completion of the section.

  3. NO USE of props that can cause possible harm to the floor. All props must have proper rubber/felt stoppers if there is potential to harm the premises and stage covering.

  4. Should a Competitor or Troupe require Props a teacher/teachers’ must be available to put on and off props in a timely manner.

  5. Teachers, please make sure that props are removed from the backstage area at the end of each section.



  1. Curtains can be used for all troupe group items ONLY. If you decide to use a curtain for opening or closing of a number, you must advise backstage staff.

  2. The curtain must be operated by a member of the troupe performing or a studio representative.



  1. No lighting or special effects are to be used.




  1. ‘Enter the Stage’ will be giving a cash prize for each Champion Performer. There are TWO Championship Categories. 1/Dance and 2/Performing Arts.

  2.  DANCING categories as follows:

Highest scoring Dancer from each Open level age Group in Jazz, Tap, Acro, Classical, contemporary, lyrical, from Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Open Age in all dance genres.

PERFORMING ARTS categories as follows

A highest scoring performer from each Open level Group in song and dance, musical theatre, contemporary vocals in Under 6, Under 8, Under 10, Under 12, Under 14, Under 16 and Open. Open age group also includes cabaret section and monologue section.

timings table snapshot for web.jpg

**Please read the full terms and conditions on the web page 

Every care will be taken for competitors’ safety, but the Management Team will not be responsible for any injuries sustained by any competitor or to property during the competition. Any performer in these competitions takes certain risks in order to perform, these may include Strains, Sprains, Bruises, Broken Bones, Pulled muscles, and more. Participation in any HAMA Productions P/L (Enter the Stage) competition indicates acceptance of such risks by performers. By accepting our terms and conditions every entrant will not hold HAMA Productions P/L (Enter the Stage) Directors, Managers, or any other staff members or volunteers responsible for illnesses, injuries, damages sustained by participating in any activity relating to HAMA Productions P/L (Enter the Stage) performing arts challenge /dance competition, workshop, or related activities.


We shall not be liable for any consequential loss whether this arises from a breach of duty in contract or in any other way, save where such liability is imposed upon us by statute.