Adjudicators ETS

  • Cameron Mitchell NSW

  • Jason Winters NSW

  • Matt Gode NSW

  • John O’Hara Vic

  • Tash Marconi LA

  • Tom Egan NSW

  • Lauren Seymore NSW

  • Ian Knowles NSW 






















We are so excited to be offering some of the most outstanding artists of national and international as our adjudicators.


Three adjudicators will be selected for each genre depending on their area of expertise.

They will supply feedback for each section as well as marking each section. These scores are then uploaded onto an automated system and the highest marks will be announced as runner up and winner of each section.


The adjudicators will be looking for the following components.

  • Performance skill and presentation

  • Personality or character delivery

  • Technique components of each genre

  • Content and difficulty and execution of the item

  • Entertainment value


1. Enter the Stage will provide a judging panel of three professionals. Any competitor, relative of a competitor or teacher who makes contact with an adjudicator before, during or after the competition can result in the competitor being disqualified immediately. This is inclusive of online approaches.


2. The decision of the ‘Enter the Stage’ adjudicators is FINAL. No discussion to be entered into. 


3. Placing will be awarded online in order of program starting on Fri 3rd of July at 6 pm.


4. There will be no SEPARATE reports for any ‘Enter the Stage’ entries. A submission of critiques will be given at the end of each section for ALL Competitors as a section comment.